Thank you for choosing Sierra Dental!  We look forward to meeting you soon!
We understand that you might need more information before choosing a new dental office for your family.  We appreciate your trust.
We’ve created this section of the website so you can learn more about what to expect in your initial visit to our practice!

Front Desk

Your medical history and medications can affect your oral health and how we deliver care in a major way.  For this reason, we like to take the time to get to know you and become very familiar with your overall health as well as your oral health, that we may do right by you and your family.  It can be difficult to recall all of your medications and medical conditions on the spot, so we have made our medical history forms available in this page for you to download, so that you can fill out these forms at home.  This way, we can focus more on your goals and health needs during your initial visit!

Diagnostic Records

We at Sierra Dental Group believe in informing our patients to the fullest, so that you can make good decisions about how to proceed with dental care for you and your family.  To this end, we use digital radiographs which use much lower radiation than traditional x-rays (upto 80% less), and make extensive use of intraoral photographs to show you in detail any concerns or issues that we observe.  Utilizing these technologies, we can get a good overall sense of what oral problems are affecting you and to what degree, as well as establish a starting point upon which we can improve or maintain.


Doctors at Sierra Dental Group will discuss your personal oral health goals and needs following a thorough examination and evaluation.  Examination findings and diagnostic records will be integrated to develop a customized treatment plan that best fits your needs and priorities.  We’ll explain what needs doing and why, set up a plan for maintenance and regular care, and if you’re interested, discuss the best ways to achieve cosmetic goals.

Hygiene Care

The goal of your initial visit is to get to know you and everything about your teeth and gums, to obtain a clear picture of your oral health needs.  The initial visit is typically a bit longer than regular maintenance visits for this reason, and because many patients like to take advantage of this opportunity to have questions and concerns about their overall health addressed.  When appropriate, a cleaning may be incorporated into the first visit.  A big part of hygiene is to go over the trouble areas and come up with and educate you regarding a custom home hygiene plan to help you keep all areas of your mouth clean.

Coordination of Treatment

It is common to have non-clinical questions about the recommended dental care – like how much will it cost, what will my insurance cover, etc.  From insurance predetermination to financing, our friendly staff will help you navitage the process.  Our goal is to have you finish this appointment with all of your questions regarding the treatment plan answered.  If you think of something later, just give us a call!  We’re here to help.

Payment Options

In addition to helping you maneuver the insurance benefits, we offer many options when it comes to paying for your family’s dental care.  Of course, we are happy to accept cash, checks, money orders and major credit cards.  We also offer flexible financing through CareCredit, so that you can have the care you need now while having the flexibility to make payments afterwards.  As strongly as we believe in giving you different treatment options to best fit your needs, we believe in giving you payment options that best fit your needs.


Appointments can be made in personby phone or text message.  If you email us or use the appointment request form on the site, we will call or text message you to coordinate the exact time and date.
The aim of  your treatment appointments will be to accomplish the treatment goals for that appointment as efficiently, comfortably and as successfully as possible.
The doctors’ time has been reserved for especially for you, that we may accomplish the above, and to be able to provide you the necessary attention and care.
A lot of considerations go into setting an appointment time of appropriate length while balancing commitments to other patients who also require time of the office, so if you are unable to keep your appointment for some unforseen reason, please give us a call or text message us as soon as you’re able.
As most offices do, we do ask for notification in advance if you are not able to keep your appointment.  We also contact you before the appointment to confirm your appointments.
Confirming Your Appointments
Our system automatically sends a text message to your listed cellular phone number 48 hours before your appointment.
You simply reply with the letter “Y”  to confirm the appointment, or call the phone number on the link to reschedule it.
Please do reply however, as the message is both reminder and confirmation.  This way, we know you’re coming and can get ready.
Text messaging is the preferred way of confirming appointments for most of our patients, as they don’t have to interrupt their busy day to take a call.
Of course, you can still call us and confirm your appointment in person, or leave us a voice mail (after-hours) with your name and appointment date and time!